Tips For Completing The F45 8-Week Challenge Successfully

F45 is the fastest growing network of fitness studios in Australia. And the F45 8-week challenge is a campaign designed to get people into the best shape of their life, in just two months. For eight weeks, you simply follow the F45 meal plan and attend the training least three times a week, in order to fast track your fitness objectives.

Completing this challenge will undoubtedly have you in better physical shape, but success comes with discipline, and you will need to stick to the strict meal plan and training. If you’re looking for success in getting yourself into excellent condition, here are some tips to help you through the challenge.

Get organised

The best results from the F45 8-week challenge can only be achieved if you can commit properly. That means getting organized: preparing food, scheduling training, getting routine sleep, and organising your daily schedule to allow time for completing the challenge.

We all need discipline – it’s easy to find an excuse to take a break from training and fall into bad eating habits. You might have seen many people posting their before and after the f45 training photos – it’s only possible to achieve such great results with proper discipline and organisation.

Train hard

During F45 training, each workout is different, and your body will be pushed to its limit. There are even examples of people losing 700 calories in just one 45 minute session. Success depends on how hard you work. Generally, trainers suggest the best results come from five sessions in the initial week, working up to eight sessionsin the final week.

The f45 sessions are full-on – there’s not much chance for a break. If you want even better results, don’t be afraid to push your limits. Get to the session early and warm-up, it will prepare your body for high-intensity training.

Note: If you have any existing injuries, you might need to modify your workout plan – let the trainer know. And don’t forget to give your body proper rest.

Stick to the F45 Meal plan

The F45 Training is not just abouthard work out.The meals also play a crucial role. The F45 meal plan is based on a calorie deficit to help you lose weight. It’s nutritionally balanced with proper sources of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and good fats.

Quitting caffeine, sugar, and dairy during the first week might be the toughest decision, but you have to push through cravings.Sticking with the proper meal plan can be the most challenging part of the f45 challenge for many people.

Seeing others eating delicious burgers and pizza might tempt you to have a quick cheat meal, but if you can ignore the temptation, great success towards achieving a healthy body awaits!

Note: Not everybody type is the same. The number of calories required can differ from person to person. And if you have dietary requirements, this may impact the plan. So, talk to your trainer to adjust the meal plan accordingly.

No excuses

Finally, the key to success is ditching excuses. There is no shortcut – you have to put it in the effort in order to achieve results.We all make excuses about not having enough time because we’re busy with work, family, and life. But if you want to start the journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle, you need to start managing things.

So get yourself prepared both mentally and physically, join af45 class, and feel proud after completing the f45 8-week challenge.

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