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Amazing ways of making the hair thick

You can make your hair thick within a few weeks, but it requires a bit of hard work and commitment. Only a few alterations in your lifestyle can do the magic. Inside four weeks, you can have stronger and thicker curls.

For attaining the desired outcomes, you first need to change the shampoos and conditioners you are utilizing. Along with that, you need to introduce protein-based foods in the daily diet. Decide on a chemical-less shampoo such as Indulekha shampoo to fulfill your wish.

How to bring thickness to hair in some weeks?

  1. For making the hair thicker, the first thing that you need to do is find the correct balance while brushing. Excessive brushing of the hair may result in hair loss, and that’s what you do not want to happen. But not brushing at all can lead to the same thing, and it may also cause knotting and grease build-up. Brushing will spread the hair’s natural oils, and it can stop the oil expansion.
  2. When it is about hair thickness, make sure that you possess all the products that are particularly for hair thickening. You should apply a hair thickening conditioner and shampoo. Indulekha shampoo is one such thickening shampoo that you can use.
  3. Avoid the use of glue, microbead, tape, and clip-in extensions as they can cause harm to your locks. In simple words, they will cause hair loss and can even lead to bald spots in most cases. Hence, to achieve thick and long hair, try not to use hair extensions excluding halos. Halos are harmless as they do not utilize any acidic adhesives or clips that can result in damaging your hair.
  4. An easy way of getting thicker hair within a few weeks is cutting the hair shorter. 

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