What are vitamins and who should take them?

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are dietary supplements, organic compounds that the body needs in small quantities. They mostly come from food because the body produces very little or doesn’t produce at all. Vitamins are mostly injected into people in need of them, they act as dietary supplements in the body. Although they do not prevent death or they are very beneficial to the body.

What are vitamins for, and where can I find them?

All vitamins contain carbon that is essentially needed by the body. They generally help to improve the body’s immune system. This will make sure that your immunity can easily fight disease-causing organisms and your body stays healthy.

You can find vitamins in pharmacies, supermarkets, online stores, and sometimes in a boutique. For example, you can easily find vitamins at Biogenique vitamin shop an online store that sells vitamin products. They will recommend the best vitamins according to the information you give them about your health.

Who should take vitamins?

Vitamins can be taken by anybody who may be having some deficiency, provided that they don’t abuse them. They should be taken in small quantities because the body doesn’t need a lot of them. However, there are some special people who have special considerations when it comes to vitamin usage. These people include:

  • The elderly.

As people age, their appetites start to decrease. This means they take little food and there is the probability of the food not providing little or no vitamins. They regularly need these vitamins since their immune system is weak, the vitamins will try to boost the immune system to prevent them from easily contracting diseases.

Their bodies too have a decrease in the absorption of vitamin B12, this demands they get vitamins.

  • Expectant mothers.

Expectant mothers need vitamins for fetal development. Vitamins are rich in folic acid which prevents birth defects. During pregnancy, the fetus entirely depends on the nutrients from the mother. They have a weak immune system and will need some good vitamins, this is why their mothers should take the considerable source of vitamin.

  • The sun-deprived. 

Sun is a source of vitamin D in the body. Your body will absorb vitamin D from the natural sunlight. Vitamin D makes our bones strong and prevents rickets, especially in young children. People in sunlight-deprived areas can easily get rickets due to the lack of sunlight exposure. This means they will need supplements to make their bones strong. 

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