Eyelash Extension Tweezers – An Important Tool You Should Know about

Eyelash extensions look lovely and add drama to your eyes. But they are not alone. A number of other things contribute to the beauty of your eyes when you apply eyelash extensions.

One of the main things that help in the application of eyelash extensions is the tweezers. The job of these tweezers is to isolate, pick up and attach the extensions, and sometimes remove a fine extension.

Eyelash tweezers are designed to help in perfecting the minutest details of the lash artistry.

Actually, these tweezers are one of the lash extension accessories that your lash artist needs to use from the start to the end of the session.

Hence, expert lash artists at Fancy Lash master the skill of using professional tweezers because it’s a major step towards mastering the skill of eyelash extension application.

Types of Eyelash Tweezers

Types of eyelash tweezers are by the shape of their tips or by their materials.

By the Shape of Their Tips

Tips of lash extension tweezers are important and make them professional. Since they pick, select and separate the extensions, they are particularly important.


These are ideal for picking up and attaching classic lash extensions.


These are perfect for isolation and attachment of classic lash extensions.


I-shape or straight tweezers are perfect for isolation and for classic lash extension application. Thin and long I-shape tweezers are perfect for isolation whereas thicker and shorter ones are good for classic lash extensions.

L Shape

These are perfect for applying handmade volume fans and picking and attaching them.

S Shape

These are great for picking up fans and attaching them when you get volume lash extensions applied. They can even be used for isolation if you have a deep eye set or prominent forehead.

X Shape

These are great for classic extensions because they can hold classic extensions without exerting excessive tension on the lash artist’s hand.

Round Shape

These are ideal since their round tips are safe for removing eye pads or tapes after the treatment.

By the Material

Most commonly used materials for lash extension tweezers are titanium and stainless.


Titanium is much lighter than stainless tweezers and is rust-free. This is a very strong yet springy material and so, is perfect for professional lash extension tweezers.


This material is more rust-resistant than metal but still can rust if not taken care of. This material contains a small quantity of nickel and can cause some allergic reactions to some people, though rarely.

Magnetic Vs. Non-magnetic

Tweezers also fall into magnetic or non-magnetic category. If you live in a dry climate area, using magnetic tweezers can cause complications in the lash extension application.

Therefore, it’s recommended for the lash artists to use non-magnetic tweezers in dry climate.

Choosing the best lash extension tweezers depends on a number of other factors too, such as what the lash artist will be using it for.

Whether you’re applying 3d or 2d eyelash extensions in Sydney at Fancy Lash,knowing about the tweezers your lash artist is using can help you decide whether the job will give you the desired results.

Research well and choose a well-trained and professional lash extension clinicso as to have a wonderful experience.

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