Does Venus Freeze work for cellulite

Many women are troubled with the pesky fat layer behind their thighs, appearing like the cottage cheese which is not appealing for women. This dimpling and lumps behind the thighs are known as cellulite that occurs to both men and women, but it affects the women more due to the difference in fat distribution and hormones. It is said that fat cells are arranged vertically in women compared to the criss-cross arrangement in men, thus rendering women more likely to have cellulite.

Another theory postulated involves the decreased level of oestrogen as women are ageing, which in turn will reduce the blood flow to the connective tissue under the skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is responsible for tightening of the skin, giving a smooth appearance to the skin. Fat cells will also be enlarged along with the reduction of oestrogen. Apart from that, dietary and lifestyle also play an important role in the formation of cellulite. Individuals who consume a high amount of carbohydrate or fat, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and practising bad habits such as smoking are found to be associated with the formation of cellulite. However, there are certain individuals who are healthy and active in sports suffer from this problem also. This may be due to the genetic factors that regulate one’s speed of metabolism, fat distribution and circulatory levels.

This universal problem has created a high demand in the aesthetic field to explore more efficient and painless resolutions, thus the invention of Venus Freeze technology. Venus freeze by Nexus Clinic is an FDA-approved procedure using the synergy of magnetic pulses and radio frequency to achieve skin tightening, cellulite and fat removal. Magnetic pulse is able to increase blood flow to the treatment site and enhance the cellular nourishment to slow down the ageing process whereas Multipolar radiofrequency is capable of stimulating collagen re-growth. The energy amplitude is so dense that it is able to penetrate multiple layers of skin and it has been proven efficient clinically. This procedure is also pain-free and very safe to both the aesthetician and patient.

Venus Freeze does not live up to its name as it actually feels like a relaxing hot stone massage. The machine uses a higher temperature to heat the skin, breaking down the fatty acids that accumulate at the affected site. It only takes around 20 to 30 minutes per session and you can actually return back to your activities as there is no downtime. Some patients may probably have some redness on the treatment site but it will fade away after a few hours, leaving no burn marks or deformities. Of course, it is not a magic procedure that you can see a smooth glistening thigh right after one session, the aesthetician will advise you to follow up for at least 6 sessions to have the best outcome. Don’t feel disappointed if you do not see changes after 1 or 2 sessions, you may notice the improvement starting from the third session itself.

Do not worry if you have sensitive skin or any skin disorders, your trusted aestheticians in Kuala Lumpur are very well-trained and certified to assess your condition and decide the best for you. With Venus Freeze, you will definitely be conscious-free going to the beach with your favourite bikini without the worry of cellulite anymore!

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