Reasons the EBA 280/ 280S is the Ideal Centrifuge for Serology Applications

Serology is the study of body fluids such as blood and urine. It mainly refers to the diagnostic identification of antibodies in a serum. These antibodies usually form as a response to an infection, against foreign proteins, or to a patient’s own proteins.

Laboratories that conduct serology tests need a high-performance centrifuge to prepare the serum. The Hettich EBA 280/ 280S is known to be a reliable serological centrifuge, thanks to its fast acceleration and deceleration spins, which in turn allow for accurate separation of serum components needed to identify antibodies.

Key features of the EBA 280/ 280S

The EBA 280/S is the ideal serological centrifuge because of the following features

  • Maximum capacity: 6 x 50ml
  • Maximum RCF: 4,146 | 5,071
  • Maximum RPM: 6,000 min -1
  • Weight: approx. 12 kg

This centrifuge comes with a choice of 6 rotors, which can be removed and replaced easily because of its unique and quick release system. Once placed, the rotor locks in place and stays secure during operation.

The EBA 280/ 280S also has a backlit digital control panel that allows users to save 9 different program settings.

The maximum RPM of 6,000 min -1 of the EBA 280/ 280S is suitable for rapid antibody testing. A centrifuge of this type has become in demand recently because of the rising number of rapid antibody testing for Covid-19. The EBA 280/S has thus become a staple not only in hospitals, but also in diagnostic laboratories and mobile clinics.

Facilities that use the EBA 280/ 280S

The EBA 280/S is used in various facilities, mostly under the medical and public health industries. Aside from hospitals, it is used in the following areas:

  • laboratories
  • blood banks
  • veterinary clinics
  • physician’s office laboratory

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